Even with the No Child Left Behind Act’s (NCBL, 2001) requirement of accountability and a parent involvement component, many students attending urban schools with Highly Qualified Teachers are still struggling to meet the Annual Yearly Progress mandated by their states.  As a result, the mission of Brooks Educational Services is to transform Highly Qualified Teachers of high needs urban schools into Highly Skilled Educators who specialize in educating urban children.

Urban school administrators can receive guidance in skills related to how to work with diverse populations, and build culturally inclusive schools.  Principals can also receive guidance in improving teacher accountability, insuring that school instruction and curriculum are aligned with state standards.  More importantly, principals learn how to enhance their skills in monitoring student progress towards meeting grade level expectations.

Present and future educational entrepreneurs of Out-of-School programs can receive assistance in setting up programs, aligning instruction to state standards, tutor training,  increasing sustainability, and in attaining, recording and reporting data for accountability to parents and the general public.  SES providers can also receive skills in collecting and maintaining records for their LEAs, state and federal officials.

Services are available to both schools and out-of -school programs in how to build relationships with minority parents and how to increase minority parent involvement as required by the NCLB Act (2001).  Parent groups or parent universities can also receive guidance in school protocol, and the rights and responsibilities of parents, teachers and students.   Workshops can be provided in how parents can help their children with homework in specific subjects.  Services regarding effective parent advocacy strategies are also available.


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