Philosophy, Purpose, Mission, Vision for the Brooks Instructional Technique (BIT)


All persons are capable of learning to their maximum potentials when taught with the Brooks Instructional Technique© in a warm professional environment that enables them to learn without the fear of failure or embarrassment.


The purpose of the Brooks Instructional Technique© is to enable individuals to succeed academically beyond their accepted and expected potentials rapidly while working at a normal rate through research-based instructor professional development, assessments and curriculum that bridge the gaps between academic expectations and individuals’ skill knowledge attainment.


The mission of the Brooks Instructional Technique© is to provide community-based academic facilities with the tools necessary for producing self-initiating adults whose education enables them to choose careers based upon their personal interests and society’s needs.


It is the company’s vision that the Brooks Instructional Technique© will be utilized by community groups, commercial and non-profit organizations, and individuals across the United States to increase adult literacy to 90%.

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