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Welcom to Brooks Educational Services:

Brooks Educational Services is a solution center.  Its educational consultants live our motto, “We strive for success for all.”  Over the past 30 years, the founder of the Brooks’ enterprises, Dr. Sharon M. Brooks, and its CEO Robert J. Brooks, M.A., have worked to help individuals find success in school and in the workplace.  Brooks Educational Services opened in1981 in Columbus, Ohio in order to prove that everyone was capable of learning if taught in a warm professional environment without fear of failure or humiliation.  It does this through the production of manuals, educational materials, training techniques, and by providing professional development on site in a participant friendly manner.

For educators, Brooks Educational Services (BES) is a publishing and consulting firm with two goals.  One is to develop assessments, instructional techniques, and learning materials that enable students to catch up with or surpass their peers within months versus years.  Most importantly, its goal is to make all products and techniques user friendly.  Instructors get easy to follow educator guides that enable them to instruct with confidence regardless of their previous training levels.  Simultaneously, students receive step by step instructions that are easy to understand.  However, the most important aspect of these learning materials is that students grow years in skills in a shortened period of time while working at a normal rate.  Professional development is provided for any preschool through grade twelve educational facilities.  BES works with public, private and charter schools, out-of-school programs, preschools, churches and community organizations.

Additionally, BES provides consulting in the area of publishing employee manuls and training guides as well as providing professional development and test preparation courses for employees.  Again, our consultants’ goals are to help employeesdevelop the skills needed to find success in the workplace within a short period of time. 

Have a great day!

Mr. Robert Brooks, M.A. and Sharon Brooks, Ph.D.

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