Programs Offered


  • Professional Development in Skill Instruction
  • Teaching Diverse Learners
  • Direct Supervision, Coaching, Monitoring and Evaluating for School Improvement
  • Self-Awareness and Diversity Training
  • Increasing Urban Parent Involvement
  • Customized Assessments and Curriculum


  • Program Excel This program enables schools to use Br. Brooks’ expertise to create and train special or Title I teachers in how to customized programs for students who cannot attain needed skills through conventional methods.
  • Project Turn Around Using customized versions of Brooks formative and summative assessments, instructional books, and student materials,  this program trains, supports and coaches school administrators and teachers on site in techniques that help under-performing students meet or surpass proficiency in Grade Level Expectations as mandated by their states, rapidly.  A member of Brooks Educational Services staff will monitor and evaluate educators and students’ progress from the intervention.  Project Turn Around is also available in the area of parent involvement.
  • Transitional School This  program offers classes to persons wanting to enter college, but feel they need to strengthen their skills in particular areas prir to attending post secondary schools.   These classes not only help people hav a better transition into college life, they are offered 24/7 for working people, economical, and to the point.  These courses reduces the need for remediation courses in college.
  • Leadership Institute for Out-of-School Program Directors The program is offered online and face-to-face.  The online program consist of twelve learning modules that can be completed at one’s own rate.  The  face to face program has 10 courses that meet daily for two weeks during the evening.  It assists churches and community groups interested in initiating tutorial programs for children in grades K to 8 that are performing one or more years below grade level.  It covers how to start the business, hire personnel, train your  tutors, and offer general or customized educational tools needed to help students succeed.  It also help directors set up accountability measures that are in alignment with state regulations.

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