Dr. Sharon M. Brooks founded Brooks Educational Services, a tutoring service, in 1981 under the name of Brooks Academy because she believed that all children are capable of learning when taught in a highly structured professional, yet warm, learning environment with the right instructional methods and an environment that enables children to work without fear of failure or humiliation.  Throughout the years, Dr. Brooks has extended this belief to her work with parents, teachers, and other adults in the workplace.

Consequently, the first year was a learn-able moment for Dr. Brooks.  She quickly realized that even the best conventional assessments, materials and timetables for instruction were ineffective when working with students performing years below their expected grade levels.  As a result, she wrote her theory on how to help under-performing students catch up with their peers rapidly in reading while working at a normal rate in her book, How Firm is the Foundation?  A Handbook for Teachers and Parents to Help Problem Readers Excel.  Her interest in helping under-performers catch up led to the development of processes for teaching mathematics, language arts and auditory reception.  Thus far, Dr. Brooks has 26 copyrights with one pending.

Upon moving to Western New York, Brooks Academy was renamed Brooks Learning Center.  At Brooks Learning Center, Dr. Brooks spent 10 years developing curriculum and assessments based upon her theory.  Simultaneously she provided professional development for area teachers, designed a teacher induction program and perfected her materials while instructing her clients.  At the university level, Dr. Brooks concentrated on teaching diversity and how to use policy and curriculum reform to make classrooms more inclusive.

Throughout the transition of the Brooks enterprise into Brooks Educational Services, its major concerns were setting direction for improved instructional techniques and developing inclusive educational materials for students who were ethnically, academically and culturally diverse, setting standards that are in alignment with state and federal guidelines, and on how to change Highly Qualified Teachers into Highly Skilled Educators.

Over the years Dr. Brooks realized that the keys to ensuring that children learn in a warm, professional environment is teachers and curriculum.  As a result, Brooks Learning Center’s name was changed to Brooks Educational Services.   Instead of working directly with students, Dr. Brooks’ areas of concentration of training educators on site in instructional skills, supplementary assessments and educational curriculum that are customized to their students’ needs for success, how to communicate effectively with parents.  In instance, her focus is on assisting district and building leaders in changing Highly Qualified Teachers into Highly Skilled Educators.  Teachers receive instruction after-school.  Furthermore she guides teachers in the classroom by observing, modelling and assisting them as they grow into Highly Skilled Educators, or master teachers.

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